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CPD, Consultancy and Training

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Travel is additional depending on your practice location.

Topics Include:

  • Practical: Ready, Steady, Ventilate!

  • Hands-On Manual Ventilation

  • Going around in Circles: Breathing Systems

  • Anaesthesia for the Senior Patient

  • Anaesthesia for the Paediatric Patient

  • Getting to Know Your Multiparameter Monitor

  • Getting a Kick Out Of NMBAs

  • Breathe Easy - An Overview of Airway Management, Breathing Systems and Manual Ventilation

  • Troubleshooting The Highs and Lows of Anaesthesia Monitoring

  • Pokes and Scopes: Endoscopy Anaesthesia

  • Complex? This is ECGs Made Easy

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring under Anaesthesia

  • Beat by Beat: Cardiovascular Monitoring Overview

  • Capnography: Breath by Breath Monitoring

  • Anaesthesia in the Head Trauma Patient

  • Snort and Snore: Brachycephalic Anaesthesia

  • Anaesthetic Drugs: what to expect when they're on board

  • Wake me up, before you go-go: Anaesthesia Recovery

  • Complications in Feline Anaesthesia

  • Open Wide: Airway Management under Anaesthesia

  • Powercut: Hands-on Anaesthesia Monitoring

  • Theory: Mechanical Ventilation


I offer both in-person and online learning throughout the United Kingdom, day and night, weekdays and weekends.

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